Can I put your fresh beef packaging into the freezer?2022-08-11T16:32:18+00:00

Yes, you can place our product directly in the freezer and easily defrost in the package as well.  There are numerous methods for defrosting, such as placing the package in a pot of cool water for up to 30 minutes or defrosting overnight in your refrigerator.

Why is this product different than the other beef products in stores?2019-01-21T19:31:19+00:00

Chef Paul has developed all of the blends with quality in mind.  Our goal was to provide a higher quality product at a competitive price point that can take your home cooked meals to a new level!

Where can I purchase the product?2022-01-04T14:59:30+00:00

Please use our Store Locator feature on the website to find a store near you!  We also sell some of our products for direct shipment to your home, click here to learn more!

Can I purchase the product at a Wahlburgers Restaurant?2018-04-20T17:17:26+00:00

We are not currently selling our packaged product at our restaurants.

When will Wahlburgers At Home be available in my local grocery store?2020-07-25T12:39:56+00:00

We are working daily to offer our product in more grocery stores nationwide.  We expect to add additional grocery stores throughout the United States in the coming months. Keep coming back to our website, join the Wahlclub, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for the latest news on Wahlburgers and Wahlburgers At Home.

Can I purchase the product online?2022-01-04T14:58:38+00:00

Yes, some of our products are available for shipping directly to your home.  Click here to learn more.

Are the Wahlburgers Products gluten-free?2022-07-08T18:15:44+00:00

Below is a listing of our products available at grocery stores and their Gluten Free status. This list does not include anything that is available at the Restaurant locations.

Gluten Free: All Fresh Beef Blends. Paul and Donnie Frozen Burgers. All Pickles.
Gluten Free IMPLIED: Hot Dogs and Bacon
Not Gluten Free: Mark Turkey Patties. Wahl Sauce and BBQ Sauce.

Is Nutritional data available on each product?2021-07-01T19:50:40+00:00

Yes! Please click here for the nutritional label for all of our products.

What are the allergens in Wahl Sauce?2020-08-12T17:05:35+00:00

Wahl Sauce contains Dairy, Eggs and Sulphite.  Please refer to the Nutritional Information and Ingredient Statement for further information.

Do I need to refrigerate Wahl Sauce?2020-08-12T17:05:11+00:00

Wahl Sauce is a shelf-stable product, so it does not technically need to be refrigerated until after it is open.  However, we do recommend putting the product into your refrigerator as soon as possible, as this will allow the product to remain as fresh as possible.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?2020-08-12T17:05:59+00:00

It is always beneficial to contact or visit your local grocery store that you purchased the product from first.  We are in direct communication with each grocery store chain, but the local store will be able to handle any product-related concerns in a timely manner.  If your issue was not properly addressed, please email us at wahlburgersathome@wahlburgers.com.

What if I want to learn more about the Wahlburgers At Home product?2020-08-12T17:06:19+00:00

If we have not answered your questions in the FAQ page, please email us at wahlburgersathome@wahlburgers.com and we will answer you within 24-48 hours.

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